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We understand that no two people are the same. Our core philosophy in business is to create transparent and personalised advice, moulded with care and respect to your needs. From this, we have designed our financial planning process to reveal what's unique about you, and to tailor a financial plan specific to your goals.

Our experienced advisors can guide you through a wide range of ideas for creating and protecting your wealth. This could include planning for your retirement, superannuation and investment advice, or tax minimization strategies.

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All consultations are obligation free, which empowers you to decide if you would like us to support you in moving towards or maintaining the lifestyle you want.

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Protecting your wealth

Most Australians get access to a default level of insurance through their super fund. Unfortunately, this can leave many Australians underinsured by up to 80%. To combat this, our advisers specialise in tailoring a protection plan specifically for you.

We understand that having an accident or illness is hard enough, without adding financial trouble to the mix. By putting you in control of your finances, RMD partners aims to not only protect your wealth but also protect your lifestyle. This way your family can focus on what’s really important: looking after each other.

Using our free instant quoting tool, it’s never been easier to protect your family. We use only the best insurers and will match any quote you’ve received elsewhere.

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Our Core Values

Guided by our core business values, RMD Partners aspire to become Australia’s most trusted advice firm. 

We know this can only be done by providing our clients a level of service and understanding not commonly associated with Financial Advice.

As a result of this, every bit of advice, every staff member hired, every professional relationship and; indeed every decision we make, must be satisfy each of the following ideals.

Independence  Control  Transparency Support

Independence: Your independance is important to us. You need to be free to live the lifestyle you choose. However that may look, we'll tailor an advice package to help you achieve it.

Control: Our services are designed to give you control over your finances, allowing you to focus on what's important to you.

Transparency: We are open and accountable to our clients. Our investment portfolios are completely transparent, meaning you'll always know what you are invested in, as well as have a say in how we do it.

Support: Our advisers will stand with you throughout your life to ensure our work continues to be in your best interests.

"Not all our friends need to be clients, but all our clients need to be our friends"

Our clients love this approach, and have seen firsthand how we go above and beyond to ensure they're looked after. Check our testimonials page here if you’d like to hear from them directly.



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